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Why you need to forget about make-up wipes....for good!

To be clear, makeup wipes don't clean your skin. Mainly, they smear around remaining makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells hanging out on your face, leaving a trail of irritated skin in their wake.

Makeup wipes can cause irritation due to preservatives that prevent micro-organisms from contaminating the wipes. In some, that includes formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsifiers. The routine of removing your make up daily can turn into long term consequences.

"Rubbing can cause low-grade inflammation that, over time, can promote skin pigmentation or even early wrinkling," While using makeup wipes is a much better option than not removing your makeup at all, the continuous usage of them can potentially harm your skin on the long run. What do we recommend? Cleansing oil, oatmeal milks or micellar water as your best options.

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