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Active Acne 

Up to the 95% of the population has had at least one mild breakout, and 84 % of teenagers have had at least a pimple.

So Acne is one of the skin’s principal concerns, and the most self medicated condition of the skin as well.

Professional acne treatment is divided In 3 groups:


- Systemic


The main treatments used in acne nowadays by professionals are :

-Comedone extraction


-Chemical peelings


- Infrared light

But there are new technologies that when applied by experts can achieve faster and better results for acne patients, for example:

  • Blue Light

  • Diode Blue Light

  • IPL

  • Dye Laser

  • Radiofrequency

At Nouvelle Peau medispa we have the latest technology in acne treatment with fantastic results from the first session, we have over 10 years of experience with locations in Mexico, USA and now Canada, best proven protocols to achieve the best skin.

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