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The Early Signs of Aging to Watch out for in Your 20's!

While some people are lucky for the aging signs to manifest at age 40, there are people who start to see these signs as early as their 30s or even during their late 20s.

To keep you informed about the signs that should be the turning point of your beauty regimen, below are 7 of the aging signs that you have to watch out for.

Dark spots: a.k.a hyperpigmentation is often the result of sun damage, inflammation, skin injuries, and acne.

Sagging skin: this appears as a loose skin that results in a tired look. It is often caused by weight gain and loss that reduce skin firmness.

Dull skin: often results due to the presence of extreme temperature, wind, and air-conditioning which cause the skin to flake, chap and feel tight.

Fine lines and wrinkles: these are the most common and unavoidable signs of aging. However, wrinkles can manifest even people who are in their 20s or 30s due to excessive sun exposure and poor habits like smoking.

Skin dryness: often presented as scaly, dry and wrinkled complexion. It often results from environmental factors that can be controlled or prevented.

Patchy skin: often appears as discolorations or patches on skin. It is generally the result of varying melanin content in different areas of the skin, but can also occur due to vascular changes or growth of foreign bodies on the skin.

Open pores: also called as ‘strawberry nose’. This skin condition may be visible on the face, back, chest, or upper arms as a result of hormonal changes, and accumulation of dirt and grime in the pores.

Beautiful skin requires commitment. Let us take care of it.

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