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Pumpkin Spice Lattes , Apple picking and…… Facials ?

With fall rapidly approaching the leaves are not the only things changing. Your skin is also probably starting to feel the full effects of all those days spent under the summer sun. As the weather gets cooler, we shift our wardrobe to include warmer layers of clothing—why not take that same approach to our skin care routine? Why not add an extra layer of protection and moisture to our daily skin care routine? Or better yet, why not take that extra step and get a professional treatment?

If you are searching for a way to revitalize your face and remove all the abuse leftover from the summer, here are a few benefits of having a fall facial and why getting a facial to kickstart the Fall season is a MUST:

More potent ingredients get faster results. While At-home skin care products and treatments can be effective when used correctly, there are certain results you just can’t achieve without the help of a professional and dermatological grade active ingredients can penetrate deeply into your skin at a higher level than any retail product.

To Remove Old Skin: Facials are one of the best ways to brighten your skin after its continuous contact with the sun during the summer. An exfoliating scrub will help to remove dry, dead skin because it’s just abrasive enough to remove any lingering dry patches and dull color without harming the new, fresh skin underneath.

Professionals can diagnose your skin type and concerns correctly. We often misdiagnose our own skin type. For instance, do you know what your skin type is for sure?

To Rebuild Nutrients & Moisture: Your skincare specialist will choose a specific set of products to rebuild the nutrients for your particular skin type. This can include a combination of products, including a mask, toner, lotions, and oils. They might apply them in one layer or several stages. The end goal is to moisturize your fresh skin to keep it protected from the oncoming colder and dryer air.

So , what are the best facial treatments for the Fall ?

1. Regular Facial: This one is the most inexpensive one and certainly want to take advantage of it to the maximum. Full exfoliation, UV light, and cleansing. Also, they are 2x1 every Friday at Nouvelle Peau in the West Island.

2. Chemical Peel: The process