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Nouvelle Peau Medispa invites all gentlemen for a facial this fall!

As the seasons change, so does the look, feel, and needs of your skin. It’s important to pay attention to this and do what you can to maintain a bright, clear complexion. One of the best times of the year to book a men’s facial is during the fall. This will rejuvenate your skin after spending a long summer exposed to sun, salt water, and sweat. If acne makes your life miserable, there’s no reason to continue with that.

Knowing that acne will not just disappear on its own or with over the counter exfoliators is important. Without treatment, acne can also worsen. If acne becomes severe, as it did for Jill, scars can appear as the acne clears. Early treatment can prevent these problems. It can clear the skin and prevent acne from worsening. Some people need to continue treating their skin to prevent breakouts. For most people that’s probably a lot easier than dealing with the emotional distress and permanent acne scars.

1. Remove Old Skin & Get a Deep Clean

Pores tend to get clogged from all the sunscreen use, perspiration, and exposure to the elements throughout the summer months. Facials provide a deep clean that will unclog pores and leave the skin’s surface as good as new. They’re also great for removing dry, dead skin to produce a glowing appearance.

2. Enjoy a Smoother Shave

If you prefer to keep your face well-groomed, this means staying on a consistent shaving routine. Over time, this can start to cause skin irritations, such as razor burn and inflammation. Our facial will help to soothe irritated skin and make it smoother for a less painful shaving experience.

3. Restore Moisture

Regardless of your age, it’s essential to make sure your skin is properly moisturized. After spending large amounts of time in the sun, your skin’s surface may begin to show signs of dryness. Facials use special products that are designed to restore skin back to healthy moisture levels.

To get a head start on your skincare for the fall season, schedule a facial , book your appointment here or purchase your treatments online. We invite you to join our 30 min skin module to learn about your options.

At Nouvelle Peau Medispa we believe the happier you are, the more beautiful you become. Professional skin care treatments are not to be taken lightly, which is why we ensure the best practices in the industry and provide nothing but the latest tested, safe, and proven innovation in the field.With over 15 years of experience in the non surgical face and body treatments, we have locations in Mexico, USA and now Canada! Come visit us to experience first class skin care with the latest technology in the industry. Our services range from , laser hair removal, peeling, rosacea laser treatment, facials, acne treatment, fungus treatment, body contouring to tattoo removal, radio frequency and IPL.

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