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Demystifying Laser Treatments

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

A vast majority of us are internet users. We like to share, read, blog, post , like and enquire. We learn a lot about all the things we want before we get them, and that’s smart. But everything comes with its pros and cons, and the biggest flaw of internet is the volume of information that may not be fully true. For instance, how often do you self diagnose on google? Do you try to research for the red rash you just found on your arm and after browsing a couple of pages – come to the conclusion that you may have lime disease?!

Well this may sound sarcastic and funny but on the contrary, it’s critically serious by nature and intent.

If we use skincare as an example, how many times have you bailed out of a skin care treatment just because you read some unauthentic information about it without even bothering to consult a skin care professional? While reviews are important, let’s not forget that information is power and so here are a few facts that are important to know about in terms of laser treatments for this article’s sake:

“Laser Treatments”. Effective and Futuristic Skin Care Solutions, Truth or False?

A lot of us may have heard of them but are not too sure if they are right for us, if they are safe, if the location is the right one, or if it is something we even need.

Let’s take a look at some myths and facts about laser treatments:

I have a Dark Skin so I can’t get Laser Treatments

Hmm? While it is true that your skin tone does have an effect in the details of your laser treatments; the modern equipment have adjustable settings and are suitable and safe for all possible skin types, ensuring the latest and state of the art equipment is at the location will help you make the right decision. At Nouvelle Peau Medispa , our Laser Treatments are suitable for all skin colors.

Laser Treatments yield Instant Results

Perhaps these are not the right words to use. Laser provides quick results, not instant. It isn’t magic. You will not walk out and never see hair again after one session and this is fair right ? who ever goes to the gym and lose 10 pounds after one day of exercise ? Be consistent and ensure you take the minimum required sessions that are needed.