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A Guide for Men who Need a Facial

So…. Let’s start with what most women do after a facial…. They find themselves looking in the mirror, marveling at how radiant and smooth and shiny their skin looks and wondering why they didn’t do it earlier. Getting a professional facial done is not only relaxing, but it also provides immediate results that are visible to anyone’s eye.

According to a study by statista USA , 7 million women get facials a year at least once a year , and 2.82 million used facials 4 times or more every 6 months or so. Now here are some interesting figures: according to the International Spa Association, men now make up to 47 percent of spa-goers, Yes!!! After all, there are things you just can’t get from a grooming routine. The truth is that facials have always been for all genders since…. Forever!

Early treatment can prevent acne scars and if they are already there, they can be treated

If Acne made your college days difficult, there’s no reason to continue with that. Teenage acne carry over the years. Without treatment, acne can also worsen. If acne becomes severe, as it did for Jill, scars can appear as the acne clears. Early treatment can prevent these problems. It can clear the skin and prevent acne from worsening. Some people need to continue treating their skin to prevent breakouts. For most people that’s probably a lot easier than dealing with the emotional distress and permanent acne scars.

At Nouvelle Peau Medispa, we decided to take charge and write this blog entry to share what we’ve experienced with our growing male patients, and what they need to know about facials, so if you know someone that should read this, please share!

1. Remember that there is no shame in getting a facial, it’s 2019, and it’s a must for anybody that is in full care of their skin regime. Take your time, make the call, book your appointment, and don’t be afraid of walking in! You will be always welcome!

2. Explain absolutely all your skin concerns to the technician , and your history of skin care or skin problems if any. Be prepared to talk about your skincare routine and share any concerns you have. You may want to consider bringing the products you are currently using, so your esthetician can see what your routine is like. This will allow them to be able to customize your treatment or recommend the best facial.

3. Consider shaving: an esthetician won’t be able to treat that area as well and therefore, this area of the face can get neglected. Your esthetician will also appreciate this, because touching the stubble can irritate the hands. If you have a full beard and don’t want to lose it, that’s fine—but the esthetician probably won’t work in that area.

4. Remember that consistency is key. the frequency of your facials really depends on yo