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From above of relaxed young female client getting SMAS ultrasound face lifting massage wit


Surgical Precision in a Non-Invasive Application

The latest Technology High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for non invasive Facial and Body Lifting Procedures.

  • The only non invasive procedure that lifts skin on Face and Neck

  • A quick 30-60 minute treatment with no downtime

  • No need to hide frim the sun 

  • Noticeable results that improve over 90-180 days and may last several months depending on your age and lifestyle

  • No chemicals or needles

Indicated for :

  • Skin tightening for skin laxity of all ages

  • Lax neck, jowls, double chins, eyebrows and face lifting

  • Reducing wrinkles around eyes and forehead

  • Lifting tightening, and rejuvenating sagging skin on arms, inner tighs and abdomen

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